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“Customer Experience is a key element in retaining and growing our business. When a request is received for a consulting service or managed service, we need to deliver a quality and most timely response. Coquina Systems assists us in winning and delivering the requested services offering, without hiring any new employees. It is like hitting the Easy Button when we need additional services.”

“We have a core group of consultants, but today it has become impossible to retain on our staff the full spectrum of technology services which we require. Coquina Systems is our trusted source for top-shelf resources, proven tools, and rapid response.”

“Our clients are asking for more and more capabilities, so we plan to expand our services offering to keep pace.”

“Coquina Systems enables us to expand our position as the go-to partner to our clients.”

“The Partner First business model from Coquina ensures that they will never compete with us on any services requests which they might receive.”

“The Coquina management team has extensive experience working for the top technology vendors and so clearly understands the partner community’s need to gain and retain that competitive edge via their services business model.”

“Coquina is easy to work with, delivers quality team members, and is 100% focused on me, our partnership, and my client. They are a strategic partner as we move through 2020 and beyond.”

The Services Marketplace offering is a comprehensive portal, rich with proven artifacts, which delivers results every time we access.”