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Castillo de San Marcos
Coquina (“co-keen-ah”): A mineral consisting of consolidated fragments of shells and/or coral.
Coquina is a soft, white rock which is often used as a building stone. Coquina was used to build forts along the US Southeastern coast, including the oldest masonry fort: Castillo de San Marcos, which has stood since 1672. Coquina’s claim to fame is that no fort built of Coquina was ever breached. The porous nature of the stone was able to absorb incoming cannon balls and protected their cities from pirate invasions and British attacks.

Our Process

Whether it’s a Data Center Consolidation, Technology Refresh, IoT Sensor Deployment or Security Remediation, Coquina Systems has the services, expertise and tools to deliver and manage your project.


• Goal Identification
• Current State Evaluation
• Future State Vision


• Functional Requirements
• Use-case Scenarios
• Conceptual Architecture
• Detailed Design
• Test and Education Execution Plan


• Deployment Utilizing On-shore, Near-shore and Off-Shore Resource Options
• Development of Operational Run-books
• Client Training and Solution Turnover


• Monitor Solution Health and Operation
• Day-to-Day Management
• Service Level Reporting